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Looking for a Professional San Diego Recording Studio?


Our rates are very reasonable and likely lower than other professional recording studios in San Diego. No hidden costs!


Our location just outside San Diego has everything within a few blocks. Our parking lot makes loading easy.

Top Quality

Not only does our recording studio have industry standard gear, but we know how to use it. We’re musicians too!

Down To Earth

We are friendly, good-humored, and obsessed with music! We want your session to be creative and fun.


Come experiment with cool toys to get fun sounds and great tones. We’ve got lots of tricks up our sleeves.


Warm lighting, wooden furniture, gourmet coffee, and comfortable couches… everyone loves our vibe.


We have several isolated rooms for different purposes. We can record track by track or capture your band live.


We make it easy for you to accomplish your goal by offering professional, radio-ready recording at good rates.